woensdag 26 december 2007

First Christmasday

Merry Christmas everyone! (a bit late, but well.. XD) Yesterday, we had christmasdinner at my aunt and oncle's. It was very tastefull:

Also found some pictures from the Christmasgala last week:


Yeah! Finally bought some wintershoes. It was so hard to find boots that 1. I like 2. Fit me. My legs are really slim, and I don't like wearing my pants in my boots, so all boots were to wide for me. But well, at least I found them >>

And I also bought this shirtdress in sale

vrijdag 21 december 2007


We've got a tradition on our school that every year, the friday before the Christmas vactation, all the teacher and students sing Christmas songs together. I think it's great! Here an impression of this year's songs:

Cycling in a Winterwonderland

Today it was very cold. It was a real winterday. Some pictures:

woensdag 19 december 2007


Went to Amsterdam again. This time with our Rome-group. We went to the Multatuli museum and a reading about the rooms of Rafael in Rome. After that, we've had diner with our teachers and went to a bar. Here some pictures:

Sam with Manon and Maud

Me and Maud


Some pictures of our schoolgala:

Mieke, Winny and Manon
Tara, Anne, Marinka, Charlotte and Marijn

Sjar, Kasper and me, drinking our first cognac (iehl)


Sunday, my sister and me decorated our Christmastree:

zondag 16 december 2007

Like Madonna

I'm gonna enter the 60s/80s contest at girlscene.com *klik* You have to send in a picture of you wearing a 60s or 80s outfit. I made the folow pictures with my own 80s outfit:
Don't I look like Madonna?! XD

maandag 10 december 2007


Next week I'm going to the Chrismas Gala of my school. Because of this, here some of my gala-like dresses

A floral dress. More for the summer than a gala, but I like it a lot!
My sequin dress! Love it!
Another sequin dress
My old galadress. Still like it, but have a new one thats even more beautifull...
My proud! The dress I'm going to wear this year. I love it so much <3>

A busy week

Sorry for a week without updates. It was just so busy I haven't had any time..
This is what I did:

Made a weird picture of my hair

Decorated our Interpresroom

Learned English and eat negrokisses? Negerzoenen in Dutch.. Or just kissis/zoenen? I don't know ^^

Celebrated Sinterklaas

Had a Geography presentation about Tsjaad

zondag 2 december 2007

Music in

Fridaynight was the first Music-in of this schoolyear. During a music in all the musical talent of our school shows his music skills. My best friend and me have been the hosts of this evening since..hmm I guess 3 years:

Manon and me, July 2006

Manon and me, July 2007
Manon and me, November 2005 (omg XD )

Well, This year, it went different. Manon was ill, so I had to do it all alone:

Luckilly for me, Kasper offered to help me with handing out roses to the participians ^^ All together, it was a nice evening, but next time I want Manon at my side again!