maandag 19 mei 2008

Gossip girl

Oh Yeah.

(the last song they used is open your eyes from Snow Patrol. Great song)

woensdag 14 mei 2008

zondag 11 mei 2008



Last week, I went with my parents to Rotterdam.

dinsdag 6 mei 2008

New dress

I love love love my new dress. I was searching for a long, hippie-like dress for a while, and now I found the perfect one!

Dinner outside

My boyfriend and I made a delicious dinner and eat it outside in the sun


zondag 4 mei 2008

Cycling in the sun

One of the advantages of my new job; a free icecream after work

And one of the advantages of a sunny day; cycling whitout a coat


Yeah, vacation! Sorry for the small number of updates (or better, sorry for updates) , but last week I went camping with my boyfriend. We went to a little town in the middle of the Netherlands: Austerlitz. It's surrounded by forests and hills. Although the wether could have been better, it was a great week!

the piramid of Austerlitz