vrijdag 30 november 2007


Well, I didn't went to Amsterdam.. But a lot of people from my school did!

I filled the rest of the schoolday with usefull stuff like:

donderdag 29 november 2007

Went Shopping!

I went shopping with my mother! Bought a lot of things I already wanted to have for a long time..

A sweet black vest

A jeansskirt (my old one became to short)

And, finally, a sequin dress <3 (please don't mind my head at that picture -_-)

Last week..

Sorry for writing so less, but had a very busy week. And when I had time to start my computer, I was to tired and rather wanted to lay down and watch tv.

A brief summary about what I did during last week:

Learning Geography

People went striking again, but I didn't joined them. Tomorrow, there's an organised striking in Amsterdam and I think I'll go to that one!

vrijdag 23 november 2007


Today, everywhere in Holland highschool students went striking against to much schoolhours. So did some people at our school. Yes, some people.. A lot of us, including me and actually all the seniors, thought it would be a bit useless to just gather at the schoolyard, so we all went to our classes. This was the spectacular result:

And this is what we do with the new schoolsign:

donderdag 22 november 2007

Thimun meeting

Had a THIMUN meeting today. Once in a week, our delegation comes together to practice and talk about our research etc.
Today we discussed about the economic and social situation of Zimbabwe

Jessie, speeching about an amendement.

Manon and a weird pepernoot (I really don't know the english word. Actually, I don't think there is an english word fot it..)

My plaquard. I represented Japan.

Some people have problems with writing "Switzerland" ^^


Today, we were bored after handing out a lot of schoolpapers. So we decided to decorate our Interpres-room:

woensdag 21 november 2007


Because I'm the Editor in Chief of the schoolpaper, I'm in charge of handing it out to all the students:

A lot of fresh, new Interpresses (name of our schoolpaper; Interpres)


Hiding from the camera

A proud Editor in chief

We are labeled


I have to go!

Just discovered Tegan and Sara are going to perform here, in Amsterdam! I have to go! Love their music. Especially "where does the good go" and "Walking with the ghost"

I can't explain whatkind of music they make. So just watch/listen to this video

dinsdag 20 november 2007

A free hour

If I have a long day at school, it's always a good suprise when a teacher appears to be sick. Okey, for the teacher it isn't that much fun, but for us, it certainly is..

What me and my friends usually do is getting fries or kebab at the Doner Kebab near to or school. So we did today.

Our school

Sjar and ManonAlkmaar during the winter


maandag 19 november 2007

If I was a rich girl

Just went to asos.com. I fell in love with this top:

It's 18 euro's, so it's affordable, but because you need a credit card to order, I have to ask my parents first. Hmm..
Also made some perfect outfits for christmas/new years eve party's:

If I was a rich girl...

zondag 18 november 2007

A productive sunday

The following pictures kind of represent my sunday:

Lying in bed, learning math and latin, polishing my nails, calling, watching tv and reading..

Oh it was such a productive day


Had a party yesterday. It was fun, but I was so tired, I wasn't as hyper as I normaly would be. Some pictures:

The outfit

The first MartiniManon and meSjar and MarijnAnne, Marijn and JessieThe girls...And some guys..

zaterdag 17 november 2007

Selling my pumps

I'm selling my red ASOS pumps. It hurts, 'cause I still think they're cute. But they really don't fit. Maybe I can make you happy with it? They're in european size 40..

*klik* for the advertisement..


Today I went with my friends to Amsterdam. Not to shop, but for our future (wow that sounds heavy ^^) We went to a university, the UVA.

But of course there was some time for shopping. Unfortunately, we aren't that rich. But we will come back to buy these beautfull dresses..

My boyfriend found the perfect wintercoat: