maandag 31 maart 2008


This is what I'm wearing today. Not that interesting, but I still love the scarf in contrast with the black of the rest of my outfit. Also like the light in this picture..

Test week

Yeah woehoe.. Test week again!! Okey not. I hate it. Learning learning learning. Bwegh..But well, I guess we just have to live with it.
Last week I had my Latin, Philosophy and French tests and today I had Math. Tomorrow it's time for my French litterature. Jeej. Victor Hugo, Honore de Balzac, etc.
I guess my cat Sushi also likes French?

My last addiction^ Black and white salammoniac liquoriceThese books I used for my Latin test last week. Secretely, I really like Vergil and his Aeneis. And the test went very well :)

vrijdag 28 maart 2008

Northern State

Since I saw them as the supporting act from Tegan and Sarah, I'm addicted to their music. Three girls from Long Island, USA, made these awesome rapsongs.

Normally, I'm not that kind of a gangster-rap-girl. But these songs aren't like P. Diddy or Eminem, no, they're.. different. I don't really know how to explain there music ^^ Listen to: suckamofo, iluvitwhenya, better already and mother may I.
A part of the lyrics of their song suckamofo:
This one's going out to the democrats
Ya'll mothafuckas don't know where it's at
If we're gonna win in 2008
Can we please get a mothafuckin candidate?
Like I said before, normally I don't like songs filled with the words fuck and suckah and whatever, but I love this song!
Check it out yourself (suckamofo):


Still needed to upload some shopping-in-Amsterdam pictures:

I really needed new black pumps, since my old ones were... old.. I love that these have got coloured stripes. It makes them different then "boring" black ones..
Also bought these silver earrings..

I bought this scarf today in Alkmaar. I wanted a scarf that would brighten up all my black clothes.. and this one does. I also really like the pattern.I also bought a black and white blouse in Amsterdam. I'll post a picture of that one later.

In love

I love love love these shoes. I know the heel is very thin and high, but they are just so pretty!

donderdag 27 maart 2008


I found this lovely pictures somewhere at my computer. Just had to post it. Don't we look sexy with our cocktails? ^^ ow and check out my red nails..


A couple of weeks ago, I performed a play at a primary school with my theatre group. The play is called "Huis" (which is the dutch word for house) and we performe it once a month for the oldest children of primary schools.
Someone (I really don't know his name, so I can't really give him the credits ^^) made pictures of the whole play. Here some of them:

Aww sweet

The wake-up dance

Me performing the famous monologue from Hamlet: "to be or not to be"

Don't I look charming at this picture ^^ I'm acting like I have to throw up (we're sitting in a bus)


Yeah, in a pool

Indonesian princesses

Tegan and Sarah!!

A week ago I went with my best friend Manon to a concert of Tegan and Sara in the Melkweg in Amsterdam.. I looked forward to it for like three months, and it was definately worth it! The concert was so awesome! Not only Tegan and Sara were great, the support act, Northern State, was also very good. You should really listen to some of their music ( )

Here are some pictures we took in Amsterdam and during the concert:

maandag 17 maart 2008

music recommendation

Jack Penate: His music makes me happy. People call him 'the male Kate Nash' and I think that describes his music very well. Best songs: Torn on the platform, Second minute or hour, Have I been a fool? Learning lines.

Regina Spektor: She's definately my favourite artist. Her music is so beautifull and different. You just have to listen yourself. Best songs: Lacrimosa, On the radio, Musicbox, That time.

Tegan and Sara: Two girls and a guitar singing indie songs. The two voices sounds so pretty together. I'm going to their concert in about 3 days woehh! Best songs: Back in your head, Where does the good go, Walking with the ghost, The first.

Camille Dalmais: Beautiful french songs. I don't know a lot about her, only that she sings very good and makes sweet and beautiful songs. And I love that they're in french, because that always sounds so pretty. Best songs: 1 2 3, Vous, Paris, Ta Douleur, Quand je marche.

Stars: Canadian indie band. Original songs because of the violin. Went to their concert last year, they were very good! Best songs: Your ex-lover is dead, Calender girl, Take me to the riot, Favourite book, In our bedroom after the war.

Rilo Kiley: Great American band. I really love all their songs. Their music is kind of happy and they don't have that much slow songs. Best song: Portions of foxes, The execution of all things, The frug, Accidental Death.

Psapp: This band made the theme-song of Grey's Anatomy (cosy in the rocket). They make very weird music, I actually don't really know how to explane.. Just listen yourself. Best songs: Cosy in the rocket, Hi, Curuncula, Tiger, my friend.

donderdag 13 maart 2008

New pefurme

I bought a new perfume: Intimately beckham. Normally I'm against famous people making products like perfume, but this one just smellt so lovely I had to buy it..

Gala girl

Yeah, it became about time for me to win something again.. This time, I won two seats at a galadiner from People's Trust(a charity). I won the price with a contest from ELLEgirl.
So Manon and I went to Noordwijk aan Zee for the diner. And it wasn't just a diner.. Each seat was worth 500 euros, so the whole room was filled with rich people. Oh, and it wasn't just a room, it was the ball room of the rich Hotel van Oranje. Yeah I know. Wow.
And when you go to a gala, you need to wear the right dress.. The dresscode was "cocktail", so I went out to buy a cocktail dress. I ended up buying a very save but very pretty little black dress. It fits perfect, and every girl needs a perfect little black dress, right?

My outfit
Manon's outfit
Manon and the 'rich guy' sitting next to her
Yeah I know, oversmiling ^^ Look at the waiters behind me!
Together in the luxurious bathroom