donderdag 13 maart 2008

Gala girl

Yeah, it became about time for me to win something again.. This time, I won two seats at a galadiner from People's Trust(a charity). I won the price with a contest from ELLEgirl.
So Manon and I went to Noordwijk aan Zee for the diner. And it wasn't just a diner.. Each seat was worth 500 euros, so the whole room was filled with rich people. Oh, and it wasn't just a room, it was the ball room of the rich Hotel van Oranje. Yeah I know. Wow.
And when you go to a gala, you need to wear the right dress.. The dresscode was "cocktail", so I went out to buy a cocktail dress. I ended up buying a very save but very pretty little black dress. It fits perfect, and every girl needs a perfect little black dress, right?

My outfit
Manon's outfit
Manon and the 'rich guy' sitting next to her
Yeah I know, oversmiling ^^ Look at the waiters behind me!
Together in the luxurious bathroom

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