maandag 17 maart 2008

music recommendation

Jack Penate: His music makes me happy. People call him 'the male Kate Nash' and I think that describes his music very well. Best songs: Torn on the platform, Second minute or hour, Have I been a fool? Learning lines.

Regina Spektor: She's definately my favourite artist. Her music is so beautifull and different. You just have to listen yourself. Best songs: Lacrimosa, On the radio, Musicbox, That time.

Tegan and Sara: Two girls and a guitar singing indie songs. The two voices sounds so pretty together. I'm going to their concert in about 3 days woehh! Best songs: Back in your head, Where does the good go, Walking with the ghost, The first.

Camille Dalmais: Beautiful french songs. I don't know a lot about her, only that she sings very good and makes sweet and beautiful songs. And I love that they're in french, because that always sounds so pretty. Best songs: 1 2 3, Vous, Paris, Ta Douleur, Quand je marche.

Stars: Canadian indie band. Original songs because of the violin. Went to their concert last year, they were very good! Best songs: Your ex-lover is dead, Calender girl, Take me to the riot, Favourite book, In our bedroom after the war.

Rilo Kiley: Great American band. I really love all their songs. Their music is kind of happy and they don't have that much slow songs. Best song: Portions of foxes, The execution of all things, The frug, Accidental Death.

Psapp: This band made the theme-song of Grey's Anatomy (cosy in the rocket). They make very weird music, I actually don't really know how to explane.. Just listen yourself. Best songs: Cosy in the rocket, Hi, Curuncula, Tiger, my friend.

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