woensdag 14 november 2007


I'm so much looking forward to THIMUN! Only 2 months left before we will head to The Hague for the biggest MUN of the Netherlands.

Never heard of MUN's? Just a short introduction:
MUN is the abbrevation of Model United Nations. So, during a MUN, students from all over the world imitate the United Nations. Not only we discuss world issues like them, but we also have to dress neat and call each other "honourable delegate". Each person represends a country and it's opinion about the issue, so a MUN needs a lot of research.
During THIMUN, our delegation represends Chad. I know, not the most well-known country, but whatever. It does have a strong opinion.

Some facts about Chad:
The Hu Hu is an traditional Chadian instrument
The capital of Chad is N'djamena
In Chad, eating with your left hand is unusual
Chad is 38 times as big as Holland

Ha, I guess you learned a lot while reading this blog!

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