zaterdag 12 januari 2008

Still alive

Don't worry, I'm still alive :) But I didn't post in a long time because I was too busy with my testweek. Argh I hate tests. Especially when you have 11 of them in 8 days.. Last week, I had History, Latin, French, Math, English and Geography. Next week I've got French extra, Philosphy, German, Dutch and *brr* Economy. I hate economy. It's just so boring.. And it not like I'm gonna use it anyway..
But, okey. Next subject. Let's not think about school.. Let's think about the nice stuff. The really-looking-forward stuff. Like:
- TEGAN AND SARAH 20th of March.. Woeii! I've got tickets!
- Thimun, of course!! Only 2 weeks left.. and I'm already nervous.. But also very excited!
- Springbreak. One week of rest, no school...
- Summervacation.. Okay, I know that's in about 5 months, but I'm really looking forward to it, so it has to be on the list. Not only it's summer then (and I looooove summer), but we're going to this beautiful villa in Italy, near to Rome, with my whole family..
The house:

Isn't it pretty?? <3

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